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A taste of South India, right here in Morrisville

Full disclaimer: Martin’s Curry Rice is a Muddy Dog Roasting Company (my company) customer.

But that doesn’t mean what I’m about to say isn’t true: Martin rocks the skillet with his new model of “make your own” curries at Martin’s Curry Rice in Morrisville, NC..

Chef Martin is from Bangalore, but hatched the idea for his new restaurant while traveling in Japan.  The Japanese have many little food stalls that churn out perfect curries, and Martin adapted the concept to the American market. The way it works is simple: pick your protein (meats, fish, egg), add the vegetables you like, then select the spice level of the sauce. The staff puts your skillet onto an induction plate where it heats fast, then your meal is served with white or brown rice.  Check out our meals tonight:

Spicy fish curry - it made even me break out in a sweat

Veggie curry in a mild sauce - even the spice intolerant of our family could enjoy

Chef Martin shops at the Western Wake Farmers Market to get ingredients, so you know that much of what you’re getting is local.  And as if that weren’t good enough, here’s the bill: Less than $40 to feed a family of four, and bring home enough leftover for at least one more serving!

Martin will soon be starting a South Indian brunch on weekends, which will feature our Mysore coffee.  Can’t wait for that to start!

Go check out Martin’s as soon as you can.

Want great coffee?

  1. Dave
    October 4, 2010 at 3:39 am

    Martin’s is great. He usually has good lunch deals too. It’s definitely part of my regular rotation.

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