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Cornbread stuffing from scratch – Part II, stuffing

Previously, at The Foodwhisperer: we made cornbread from scratch (from cornmeal we made from scratch, no less).  Now we’re going to turn it into cornbread stuffing.  This is going to be a short post because I know some folks are waiting on it to make their Thanksgiving stuffing.  I may revise a bit later.

This is a really versatile dish because you can use whatever you have around in it.  We use a couple leeks given to me at the farmer’s market because they were kinda ugly (but perfect for this), plus the crisp stalks of all the greens we’ve eaten in the past two weeks (tonight we used chard, bok choy, mustard greens and kale).  Really, there is no need to buy celery when you have green stalks around, and they last forever in the fridge.  We add some garlic cloves, herbs that are in right now (sage, parsley, and some dried thyme), and some mushroom stock (you can use whatever kind of stock you like).  Season to taste with salt and pepper (you may not need any salt depending on your stock).

Cast of characters

Characters, chopped and ready to cook

Slice up the leeks and all the green stalks.  The tougher stalks (kale, mustard) need to be sliced smaller, and start them in the saute a few minutes ahead of the others.  Saute all the greens and leeks till tender.  Add the herbs, mix well.

Add the sauteed herb mix to the cornbread.  Add broth or liquid, in this case it took about 24 ounces of mushroom broth to get the right consistency.  Put it into a baking pan, and bake about an hour at 350F.

Enjoy your Turkey day!

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