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Match your taste in wine to your taste in coffee: infographic

This post is a repeat of one I put up over at our Company blog, because it’s as much about food (wine is food!) as it is about coffee.  Here’s the text of what I put up:

One of my favorite parlor tricks to play with customers is to have them tell me their favorite wine, and I tell them a coffee they will like.  I usually nail it.

The folks at Edible Piedmont are preparing a story about our roasting company, and in the course of our interview my “special skill” came up.  They asked me if I could codify it somehow in a way that could be published.  So as I was bouncing around the mountains of Nicaragua last week, I sketched it out in my notebook; 3-6 hours per day gives you time to think about stuff like this.

Now, a few caveats – this is an art, not a science.  I laid things in the way that they are *generally* true – this is not to say there are never exceptions!  I also did not exhaustively list wines, or coffees, I stuck to the ones that most non-professionals know, stuff that is easily available in a supermarket wine selection.  If your favorite is a Verdhelo, or a Vouvray, or an Amontillado, you probably don’t need my help selecting a coffee you like.  Finally, I find that while my trick works pretty well going from wine to coffee, it works less well in the other direction.

Anyway, I thought this was a fun world-view, I hope you enjoy it and/or find it useful.

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  1. Andy
    February 15, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Cool graphic. Bet it will be popular.

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