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Funche: hot, satisfying, inexpensive breakfast cereal

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Classic funche

Now that we’ve started making roasted cornmeal again, I figured it was time to trot out one of my favorite dishes: funche.  Traditional funche is a cereal made from cornmeal.

I fell in love with funche during the time I spent in Puerto Rico, but every culture around the world has a dish that’s similar: grain cereal cooked in milk and/or water.  Ours is kicked up a notch because we *roast* the corn before stone milling for a sweet, nutty complex corn flavor.

Puerto Rican funche is dead simple to make: Mix equal parts (by volume) cornmeal, milk and water.   For a small family, a good starting point for proportions is 1.5 cups each cornmeal, milk, water.  Simmer on a low burner, stirring occasionally, until it’s thickened, about 20 minutes or so.  You can add anything you like, but it’s especially good with a few pats of butter (25 grams), a few tablespoons of brown sugar, and a 1/2 cup of raisins.

Want to buy the roasted cornmeal we used for this dish?